Meetings are held at 7:00 PM  on the 4th Wednesday of the month January - September, third Wednesday October - December.


We are once again meeting at the Hillsborough Municipal building!  click here for directions.

 Next Monthly Meeting 

Wednesday, September 27, 2023  7:00 - 9:30 PM 

A big thank you to Becky and Phil Witt for their presentation on their trip to Ireland at our August meeting.  For our September meeting we will be following a different format.  The entire meeting will be devoted to submissions of the Americana mini portfolios Members are asked to refer to Nan's email with the details for submissions.  Please be sure to name you files so that they appear together in your desired sequence (e.g. MyImage1, MyImage2, MyImage3).   Click here for the agenda.  There will be no separate submissions for critique.  To upload your images,  use this link and then open the Monthly Submissions section to see the gallery for September.   You can only add your image through the My Account | My Galleries links. For members who are unable to attend in person, the Zoom link will be sent out shortly before the meeting.

When we are on the Zoom meeting format, we cannot accommodate visitors. Members will receive the Zoom link via email in time to log into the meeting.  If you are new to Zoom, give yourself extra time to get the app and log in.

Each month we place the critique emphasis on two aspects of the PPA judging criteria.  Click here for the full listing.  The critique assignments should be delivered in terms of both subject matter and two critique elements. Each month a different group of members will be asked to be our "lead critics".  We have found that doing this kind of critiquing helps everyone to develop a more critical eye to their own work which leads to significant improvements in the craft.  Please let a board member know if you would like to be a lead critic.

We encourage you to create new images for each meeting.  Most of our topics are follow ups to what was presented at the last meeting.  We hope that you will try to apply what was presented in creating new images each month.

 When preparing your images for submission, please keep the following in mind.  The maximum size for each image submitted is ten megabytes.  In most applications that will export your jpegs, simply set that as your maximum image size.  If you feel you must specify dimensions, be sure that your longest edge is at least 2,000 pixels.  Remember, the more details there are in your submissions, the more Jim can dive deep into your image to help you improve your craft. 

Please don't wait until the last minute to submit your images for critique.  With our change of venue, some logistical changes are necessary.  Due to our having limited internet access in the municipal building, images submitted for critique after 4PM on the meeting day may not make it into the gallery.  

Uploads are limited to one per member each month.  They must be in JPEG format and no larger than 10 megabytes.  When preparing your uploads please try to get them as close to maximum size as possible.  This allows for a more detailed review and more input on how to grow your craft.

Jim LaSala has an Epson P800 printer for sale.  It's in excellent condition, price $500.  If you're interested, contact Jim directly.


Congratulations to Jim Lasala for having one of his images included in Lenswork's 25th anniversary edition.  He is one of eighty eight world class photographers to receive this honor.  Click here to see the cover and his image

All members are encouraged to send news of your accomplishments to John (our webmaster) to share with all. 

Sharing Our Photography

We have an ongoing initiative to help our local charities by donating framed prints that can be sold, raffled, etc.  If you are from an organization that would like to use our images please click here to see the gallery of images that are available.  Any member who would like to donate images, please contact Danielle.  When an organization is interested in an image, they will tell us and then we'll arrange for delivery.  The photographer will keep the image until it is donated.

Club Exhibitions

We are working on several possible exhibitions for the fall check back regularly for more information.

 Portfolio Presentations

Several times a year two members present a portfolio of their work as the main program at a club meeting.  All members are encouraged to present a portfolio of their work to the club.  This is a great way to get good, honest, constructive feedback from your colleagues.  Presenting a portfolio presents a number of challenges that help us to grow as photographers and artists.  Click here for a document describing the process.  Please contact Nan if you are interested in being a presenter.  So far we have had four very different portfolio presentations:


Notes and Links of Interest

Here's the link to the presentation on the club's website from the February 2017 meeting.

For our January 2017 meeting Jim Roselli prepared a tutorial on presenting four images as one.  Click here for the explanations of the technique using either Photoshop or Lightroom, click here for the templates that he discusses. 

At the January 2014 meeting, Ron Wyatt mentioned Back Button Focusing.  Here's a link that gives a really good explanation. Thanks Anthony.

All club members are invited to join the club's Flickr group.  You can find detailed documentation here or via the link below.  Anyone having trouble joining is encouraged to contact Nan, Herb or John for assistance.


As a club our vision is to learn in a fun and collaborative environment.  We encourage all members to contribute images for critique.  All members are also encouraged to provide constructive inputs of the images submitted for critique during these sessions.


Uploading Images For Critique

Please use this Jotform link to upload images for the meeting.  Try to have all images loaded as early as possible prior to the meeting. Click on the Jotform link to load images. Please remember to click the submit button on Jotform after you load your images. There will be a second page that comes up letting you know that your image has been successfully uploaded into the system.  The maximum size, per image, for uploading is 10 mb.  Please try to submit images as close to that size as possible.  This allows for a more detailed examination of your work and better input on how you might improve your craft.  Each member is limited to one image per month.




  • Jim Lasalla has a new photo critique website.   Click here to see it. 

 The following are links to Different Areas, Forms or Documents on the website.

  • Click to go to OurPhotoClub Forums
    • Click for instructions on how to use Forums
  • Click here to go to the club's Flickr Group (you must be a member in Flicker and logged in)
    • Click for documentation on the club's Flickr Group
  • Click to upload images for monthly critiques
  • Click to go to members interests
  • Click to see information on using Member Interests section of the club website
  • Click to see images from the First Annual Photography Club Exhibit on attached Video


If you are interested in joining us, please fill out the membership information listed below. 


Mission Statement

Hillsborough Digital Photographic Society is an organization whose goal is the education of its members in the art and science of photography in a supportive environment. Our goal is to provide a forum where photographers of all skill levels meet to share their experience, knowledge, and passion for photography.

Camaraderie among individuals with similar interests is a powerful catalyst toward better photography. Through monthly meetings, field trips, educational workshops, portfolio reviews, image critiques, and exhibits at local venues, members will enhance their photographic skills.  In order to accomplish these goals, Our Photo Club will focus on education and learning in a non-competitive environment.


Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM. Interested persons are welcome to attend any meeting to get a feel for our club. If you are interested in joining, the procedure is simple.

  • On the upper right hand corner of the Home page click on login.  This will direct you to a Member's Login Page. 
  • On the bottom of the page click on New User.  This will walk you through the sign up process which includes the membership application.

Before you will be able to use the Members' Only portions of the website, dues must be paid and then the membership will be activated.  There is a Show Me button which directs you to a help video which will walk you through this process.  Once approved, you will receive an email with a password which you will be able to change once you login as a member.

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